Meet the CEO: Orange Crush Florida Beach Festival

Steven Smalls: From Landscaping to Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Steven Smalls is a Florida-based entrepreneur who has carved a unique path in the realms of property renovations, entertainment, and event organization. Originally hailing from Columbia, SC, Smalls made his way to Florida in 2012 and, alongside his family, delved into landscaping and home repairs before transitioning to property remodeling for homeowners. This journey culminated in the establishment of his independent renovation company, "Kristopher's Commercial & Home Renovations & Lawn Services," in the same year.

Building on his passion for entertainment, Smalls ventured into the music industry in 2015 with the launch of "Dubbshakaz Entertainment." Motivated by a desire to support independent artists and offer them opportunities to excel, he set up his first professional studio, initially providing recording services to emerging talents without financial gain but with a vision to become the city's premier engineer.

His experiences attending independent showcases revealed a gap in the industry where artists were often charged for performances without reaping substantial benefits. This realization fueled Smalls to establish a record label under Dubbshakaz Entertainment, signing independent artists with the dual objective of nurturing their individual brands while building his own.

The evolution continued as Smalls expanded his horizons into production with the creation of "Small Tyme Productions" in 2017. Drawing inspiration from industry giants like Cole Bennet, Director X, and Michael Bay, he honed his skills in recording, editing, lighting, cinematography, and more, setting a high standard for production quality.

In his quest to provide platforms for emerging talents, Smalls launched "The Premier Club" in 2022, a venue that welcomed independent artists from various regions to showcase their talents without financial constraints. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with established artists such as "Yung Joc," "Rich Homie Quan," and "Fredo Bang," he elevated the exposure and opportunities for independent artists, cementing his reputation as a catalyst for emerging talent.

As the CEO of the "Orange Crush Festival," Smalls positioned himself as a key figure in the entertainment scene, offering not just events but a blueprint for others to follow in different regions. His philosophy of planning, organization, and a commitment to supporting artists and causes has not only shaped his success but has also set a benchmark for others in the industry.

Looking ahead, Smalls aims to expand his franchises while remaining open to cross-promotional opportunities that align with his values. His "Orange Print" year marks a pivotal phase as he refines his processes and gears up for what promises to be the summer's most significant entertainment event—a testament to his vision, passion, and dedication to driving positive change in the industry.

The CEO of Orange Crush Festival LLC, brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant passion for the industry to the forefront. Joining the company in 2021, he has played a pivotal role in steering the annual festival towards its fourth successful year. 

Residing proudly in Jacksonville, Florida, Steven is deeply entrenched in the business, serving as the owner of Dubbshakaz Entertainment, a record label, and entertainment company. He also wears the hat of the owner of Small Tyme Productions, contributing significantly to the creation of memorable events and experiences. Beyond the realms of music and production, Steven is the proprietor of "The Network Bar & Grill," a hub for community engagement that has become a focal point for social gatherings and live performances, enriching the local cultural scene. 

Steven's influence extends far beyond Jacksonville, leaving an indelible mark on cities like Tampa, Daytona, Miami, and Atlanta. His reputation as a respected figure in the entertainment landscape is evident in his ability to curate diverse and engaging events.

Passionate about community engagement and celebrating local talent, Steven has guided Orange Crush Festival to become a cultural phenomenon. Under his leadership, the festival has evolved into an annual extravaganza, promoting inclusivity and providing a platform for local artists to shine.

With a proven track record of success and an unwavering commitment to creating memorable events, Steven continues to shape the entertainment landscape in Jacksonville and beyond. His dedication to community enrichment and innovative event organization makes him a prominent and respected figure, ensuring that Orange Crush Florida INC & Orange Crush Festival LLC remains a beacon of excellence under his leadership.


George "Mikey" Ransom Turner III, the owner and founder of Orange Crush Festival LLC, is a multifaceted individual who possesses a diverse background and whose journey spans military service, elite-level marketing, and the vibrant world of entertainment. With a background as a retired CBRN 74D US Army Veteran, Mikey brings a unique blend of discipline, leadership, and the creative vision to ensure the festival’s success. Mikey has translated his passion into a grand scale festival, now a thriving annual event that stands as a testament to his vision—the power of bringing people together through the universal language of music and entertainment. Having served his country with honor and dedication, Mikey's transition from the military to the marketing and entertainment spheres is a testament to his versatility and unwavering commitment to excellence. With 15 years of experience in elite-level marketing, Mikey has honed his skills in crafting compelling narratives, building strategic partnerships, and creating unforgettable experiences. Mikey's leadership extends beyond the festival grounds, making a positive impact on the cultural landscape. His commitment to fostering community engagement, supporting local talent, and creating memorable experiences has become the hallmark of Orange Crush Festival LLC. Each event is more than a gathering—it's a celebration of unity, diversity, and the boundless power of music. In his pivotal role as the founder, Mikey consistently crafts experiences that etch an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who experience the magic of the Orange Crush Festival.

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About DJ Crush Groovey:

Crush Groovey was born on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and began DJing in Richmond, VA in 2011. He has worked his way from a local DJ to a worldwide party starter and is known to many as “Groovey the Movie”. 

Over the years he has traveled from city-to-city DJing concerts for multi-platinum artists, mixed on Richmond’s Urban radio station 106.5 The Beat, and is known for his legendary R & B karaoke brunches. One of VA’s most respected DJs, he is a regular fixture in the nightlife world at various clubs and venues throughout the state. 

His presence is also well known throughout the East Coast where he has headlined many major events such as CIAA, Super Bowl, Richmond’s R & B Festival and Love and Laughter shows. He has been on the scene rocking some of the hottest parties alongside celebrity DJs such as DJ Quicksliva, DJ Envy, DJ Drama, and DJ Clue to name a few. 

DJ Crush Groovey has been garnering enthusiastic audience response and critical praise for his unique-styled play of old school, southern soul, and R & B and Hip Hop. He is also very versatile and you can catch him spinning the latest Pop, Alternative, and top 40 hits. 

DJ Crush Groovey brings his appreciation and deep understanding of music to life in the clubs by playing sets that he has built a reputable reputation upon. Quite simply, 

DJ Crush Groovey takes listeners on a musical journey through his music and hosting; he always makes it his top priority to keep everyone engaged!


 VH1’s Master of Mix competition

 Appeared in DJ Infamous music video

 Created a R & B Karaoke Sing-Along Brunch: Has the longest running and sold-out Brunch weekly

in his city of Richmond, VA

 Celebrity Concert DJ for various artists

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DJ V-Nyce Vincent L Wright Jr aka Dj V-Nyce is originally from a small town Waycross GA, but resided in Douglas GA… A Father of 3 daughters, A professional disc jockey / soundman over 20+ yrs and counting. Talent scout / Artist Development 7+ years , President of Big Boss Worldwide , Help market /promote Bloodraw aka B.Rawsteen with Hits on FYE. Dj's on mini tour last year , I am a member of hits on fye Djs Dj & Global network currently , mixshow dj for nationwide sounds radio , round here radio , 229 the block , also part of Jet glam Dj’s , Currently a house dj for The Cave in Ocilla GA. A lot more in store as a traveling dj and official Orange Crush Tour DJ